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How to claim a UK Tax refund on uniform expenses

If you have to purchase a uniform or clothes for work you may be eligible to claim tax for these expenses. And it doesn’t stop there if you travel for work, purchase technology, make work calls and work from home, you could be eligible for PAYE expense claim. Read on to discover some of our historic blogs and help guides for UK work expense claims including uniforms.

How can you claim uniform and work expenses on a UK Tax refund?

Wear a uniform to work? Did you know you may qualify for a Tax Rebate?

If you are required to wear a uniform to work, do you know you may qualify for a tax rebate for the cost of maintaining it? From policemen to nurses to electricians, many UK taxpayers wearuniforms to work. Who qualifies and how can you collect your tax rebate?

Tips For Filling Out Your Paper Tax Return

Filing Your Paper Return

If you’re self-employed in the UK then are required to complete a tax return. We all know tax returns can be incredibly confusing, so here are a few tips for filling out your paper tax return before the deadline.

Tax Tips For Electricians in the UK

When it comes to tax concerns, most ordinary individuals are none the wiser. Unless you take the time to study everything tax-related, that is. But as a self-employed electrician, you may want to focus more on your job and less on tax concerns.

But because tax is unavoidable, it helps to know the basics.

Tax Tips for Bar Workers in the UK

If you’re headed to the UK for a working holiday then you may end up working in a bar whilst you get some cash together for travelling, but it’s important to be aware of whatyou’re earning and more importantly how much you’re getting taxed.

Tax Deductibles for Nurses In The UK

If you are a nurse or work in the healthcare sector in the UK, whether on a permanent basis or whilst on a working holiday, you could be entitled to claim tax relief. Thousands of nurses miss out on this every year because they don’t realise that they are entitled to claim, so read on to find out what you could claim for as a health professional.

Top Tax Tips for Hospitality Workers

If you’re in hospitality, then youcould be paying too much tax, but did you know you there arecertain things you can claim for?

As a chef, waiter, waitress or bar worker, then you’re legible to claim for the below items. 

Meals & Travel

When you work overtime, you can claim for meals if you’re paid an overtime allowance by youremployer.

Tax Allowance For Teachers In The UK

Are You Making The Most Of Your Tax Deductibles?

There are several taxable allowances that teachers can claim for depending on what educational activities they undertake.

Claiming Your Deductibles As An Air Crew Member

For the most recent 2016 article see Tax Deductibles for Flight attendants

Tax Deductions for Airline Flight Crew Personnel

As an airline employee, you are qualified to claim a number of job-related tax deductions. What they are depends on your position, whether you are a pilot or flight attendant.

What Can You Claim Back When You’re A Nurse In The UK

Did you know that if you’re working as a nurse in the UK you may be entitled to claim back tax relief on your earnings? Although there are certain things that will be paid for by your employer, there may be times when you need to pay for things out of your own pocket. But don’t worry, you should be able to claim this money back through your tax.

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