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Claiming Taxes After Leaving The UK

UK tax return tips
How to claim back UK tax when you leave

How to claim back UK tax when you leave – How Previous Foreign Workers In The UK Can File A UK Tax Refund online

Table of contents: 

  • How to claim back UK tax as a non-resident
  • Remembering your P85 form
  • What UK tax years can you claim?
  • Documents required for filing your UK Tax Return
  • Leaving your UK bank account open
  • Claiming back tax if you were self employed
  • How to avoid paying fines for late filing UK tax

How to claim back UK tax as a non-resident

Recent reports showed that over 90% of foreign workers in the UK may have overpaid tax, partly because of the way HMRC  assign tax codes. Well, have you worked in the UK before? If so, you could be eligible for a UK tax refund. In this article, you will find out if you should be claiming taxes after leaving the UK.

The possibility of you getting a rebate, however, rides heavily on whether or not you had everything sorted out before you left the UK. In order to properly file your UK Tax Return you must have the following:

What forms you’ll need to file your tax return

Can you remember if you filed a P85 form?

To ensure that you get a refund, you must inform HMRC that you are leaving the UK and accomplish the P85 form. The same document will help work out if you will become non-resident, if you were a resident, freeing you from further tax returns in the UK. The form is available online through HMRC.

You will also need a form P45, a certificate that outlines your pay and tax deducted by your UK employer. This is usually given to you by your employer when you stop work. It has 3 sections.

What UK tax years can you claim for?

You can claim back up to four previous years for UK tax.

  • April 5th 2015 – April 4 2016
  • April 5th 2016 – April 4 2017
  • April 5th 2017 – April 4 2018
  • April 5th 2018 – April 4 2019

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How do you file a UK tax return after working in the UK?

Send required tax documents to HMRC

Even if you leave part-way through the tax year, you are entitled to a UK tax refund from your full personal allowance. All you have to do is send the completed form P85, along with the sections 2 and 3 of your P45 form. Make sure you make a copy of everything you send to HMRC.

Ideally, you should file for a UK tax refund whilst you are still in the UK, so that any problem will be easily sorted out but actually this is not an issue, nor a problem. In the event that you have already gone back to your home country, it pays to work with a reputable tax agent in the UK who will do all the work on your behalf. This way they can also collect the funds and pay your owing balance directly to you.

How to claim back UK tax when you leave

Leave a UK bank account open

Your tax refund will be paid to a UK bank account, so you might want to keep one open. If you have already closed all your accounts, you can make an arrangement with a family or friend to have your refund paid to their bank instead. Although HMRC can issue a cheque that they can send to your address abroad, however, there is a possibility that you might not be able to cash it.

Claiming back tax if you were self employed?

Finding out how to claim back UK tax when you leave for people filing Self Assessments can be more complicated. You would still need to complete the form P85, but you would also have to continue filing a self assessment tax return within a certain period, even when you are already back home. The length of time would depend on when you stopped working or running a business in a particular tax year. i.e 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 or the current tax year 2018-19.

How to avoid paying fines for late filing of UK Tax

You will need to make sure to inform HMRC or your local tax office that you have already left the country so you will be removed from the system. Otherwise, you will incur fines for not filing your self-assessment on time. Your selected UK tax agent will be able to do this on your behalf.

There are plenty of factors that you must consider when filing for a tax refund, especially if you have already left the UK. For a stress-free claim, you contact us for some extra advice

How to claim back UK tax when you leave

Whether you were paid via PAYE, self-employed or any other employee you can file your UK Tax Return online via our online forms. Apply for a PAYE Tax Refund or other UK Tax Refund via or email us directly at

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