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International Students Pay UK Tax

Do International Students Pay UK Tax?

A Look at UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents

This article takes a look at the special tax rules which affect international students studying in the UK. The following subjects offer you an insight to rules governing non-resident UK tax. And benefits you can look at such a UK tax refunds for non-residents.

Do international students have to pay UK tax for financial support received there?

International students receive financial support under the following criteria;

  • Bursaries or scholarships
  • As family gifts
  • Personal savings collected before arriving in the UK

This type of financial support is not taxed in the UK. Certain types of student loans too are not taxed in the UK while students who are eligible for a loan in the UK must repay the amount through the UK tax system if they fall into the UK tax system at the end of their course, such as securing a job. In the UK.

Are UK earnings by international students taxable in the UK

Most foreign students in the UK find jobs as part-timers in between studies of full-timers during vacations. Your taxable circumstances depend on your ‘personal allowance’ and how much you earn. Depending on these factors you may also have to pay National Insurance Contributions.

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Double Taxable Treaties in the UK

If the country you come from has a double taxable agreement with the UK, your UK earnings may not be taxed in the UK. Tax will also be ignored depending on the reason for your earnings, such as supplementing your studies and accommodation. Once you provide evidence pertaining to these factors you will not be taxed. 

Claiming UK tax refund

Upon leaving the UK foreign students are eligible for a tax refund, provided you paid tax in the UK. These refunds can be from over-taxed amounts via the PAYE system and even VAT (under certain conditions)There are many areas where you can claim tax relief and also earn UK tax-refunds for non-residents, simply contact our qualified tax accountants and make sure you fall within the correct tax-brackets and claim the most benefits from your earnings in the UK as an international student.

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