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How to save money on train travel in the UK

Train journeys offer one of the best stress -free travel options with the added benefit of beautiful views whizzing past your window. Looking to experience the English landscape by rail? Then you’re in for some awe inspiring adventures, that trace their tracks through the Scottish Highlands and Moors. However, brace yourself, travelling by rail in the UK can be expensive, mainly due to the UK tax system. Lucky for you though, there are plenty of ways to travel by rail for less.  So read on as we’ve rounded up the best top tips to see the UK by rail on a budget.

Become familiar with the ticketing categories

When scouting around for ticket prices, be warned that the ticket category system is complex. But not to worry, the rail fares are essentially divided into four types of tickets. The ‘Anytime’ tickets are the most expensive but offer the most flexibility and one can travel on any type of train. The cheaper option is the ‘Advanced’ ticket where travel is aboard a specific carriage, and as you guessed, it has to be booked in advance.

Travel further with a Railcard

For those who are looking to travel mostly by rail through the UK, purchasing a Railcard, could be your best option for saving a couple of Pounds. Railcards are available to students, seniors (over 60 years) and young adults (below 26 years). There are also those for two adults travelling together and family railcards. Each card is about £30 and is available to both foreign and UK residents.

Stick to single tickets and forget the returns

One would think that a return ticket would be cheaper than two one way tickets purchased separately right? Well, the opposite is true in this case. Travellers will find that the cheaper tickets are those that are demarcated for single fare journeys. For instance a return rail ticket from Manchester to Birmingham could be £40. However, two single tickets each for a one-way journey would be about £12 each. However, the downside is that the one-way fares limit travel to specific trains.

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