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How To Claim A PAYE Tax Refund

How To Claim A PAYE Tax Refund

Feeling out of pocket despite working every hour that God sends? Well then, you may want to check your payslip carefully as you may well be overpaying PAYE through being on an  emergency tax code.

If you think you’re owed a  PAYE tax refund there there are a few things to consider before applying as well as a few things you might like to know about PAYE tax refunds.Student tax refunds

Apply for a PAYE Tax Refund

Claim A PAYE Tax Refund

You may be eligible for a PAYE tax refund if too much tax was docked from your pay. Also, how you claim your tax refund also depends on which tax year you overpaid PAYE. The tax year runs each year from 6th April to the 5th April the following year, so make sure you employment is within these dates for the work you believe you were overtaxed on.

The great thing about applying for overpaid tax back is that you can back tax refund claims as far back as the 2013-2014 tax year.

​The average PAYE tax refund is £1324


2017-2018 Tax Year

The current tax year is 2017-2018, so you will need to make sure you have been sent the correct tax code by HMRC. If you have a corrected taxed code and you are due a tax rebate, then your employer will provide a refund in your pay.

2016-2017 Tax Year

If you’ve paid too much tax for the current tax year of 2016-2017, HMRC will post you a P800 tax calculation.

How to claim back UK tax when you leave

How to claim your tax refund

Your P800 may state that you can claim your tax refund online, and if it does then do so that way. However, sometimes you may be sent a cheque if you’re owed for more than one tax year, so happy days if that arrives and you can bank it!

How to Claim Your PAYE Tax Refund


To  claim your PAYE tax refund online you’ll need your employers PAYE reference number which can be found on your P60, as well as any details on taxable benefits and income you received.

Why is your p60 important?

Similarly, you can use the services of a tax agent to claim your PAYE tax refund back, meaning you don’t have to

do all the hard work and can wait to receive the money in the bank.

Using a Tax agent to claim your PAYE tax refund is a very quick and simple way to get back the money you’re owed, and you only need to provide a few bits of information such as your National Insurance Number, details of your employment as well as a P45 if you have one.


Overpaid via PAYE? Here’s How You Can Claim Back Tax

Think you’re being over taxed? You could be overpaying tax through PAYE. Check your payslip and get in touch at to claim a PAYE Tax Refund.

Understanding PAYE

If you are taxed under the PAYE system, the possibility of you claiming for a refund depends on several factors. In some cases, you may not have to think about it at all because HM & Revenue Customs (HMRC) will automatically send you a repayment of tax.

But what if you have been given an incorrect PAYE code, or that you strongly believed you overpaid tax?


​What is PAYE?

​PAYE or pay as you earn is the system used by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to deduct tax from employees or from people receiving income from other sources, such as a pension.

PAYE tax is collected by an employer and sent to the tax office weekly or monthly, depending on the agreed payment arrangement. How much tax an employee needs to pay is worked out by the tax code given upon start of employment.

Any income tax is deducted from an employee’s wages or other income straight away before the net income is paid to them.


How to find out if you are on Emergency Tax?

Did you know that you could be owed a UK Tax Refund if you’ve been put on emergency tax. Check your payslip against these handy tips to find out. Apply for your UK Tax Refund at

If you’re on a working holiday in the UK or are claiming your tax back after completing a UK Working Holiday then it’s important to know if you are or were on ‘Emergency Tax’.

You will often by put on emergency tax if your employer is unsure what tax code you should be on, so it’s an idea to work this out before taking employment in the UK.


Claim a UK Tax Refund


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