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How To Live Cheap In London

How To Live Cheap In London On £40 A Day (or £1,200 a Month)

Relief from UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents

How To Live Cheap In London On £40 A Day? No, this is not a joke, and with GBP 40 we are not asking you to be extravagant, the figure is about the bare minimum you need to survive in London, one of the world’s most expensive cities. Surviving on GBP 40 a day which includes rent money is considered ‘cheap’ for a Londoner! In this article, we educate you on the value of that GBP 40 and making the most of UK tax refunds for non-residents.

The GBP 40 a Day Budget and How to Live Cheap in London 

The GBP 40 budget we are looking at includes rent money for decent accommodation in London. We see this as around GBP 600 per month plus a GBP 10.30 daily budget for food and other necessities. Listed below are tips on how to live for cheap in London, stay within our recommended budget and save money while travelling UK.

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Accommodation Costs and Options in London

Do keep in mind these are estimates and are subject to change!

  • One bed flat – GBP 1,000 per month (may include paying utility bills too)
  • Double room – GBP 600 – 800 per month + bills
  • Single room – GBP 350 – 500 per month + some or all bills
  • Utility bills will generally amount to around GBP 150 a month

Food on a Budget in London

To stick within that 40 pounds per day budget, shop at the supermarkets and quality budget stores like Lidle and Aldi.

Can you live cheap in London on £40 a day?

Follow our guide and be smart with your cash and you’ll be able to live in London for cheap.

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Making your UK Tax Returns Work

Now that you’ve got your rent and food budgets sorted out, what about entertainment? All work and no play is rather boring. Well, cooking and inviting friends over for a ‘pot-luck’ dinner is one idea while claiming your UK tax refunds offered to non-residents will be a small bonus at the end of each tax year! Contact our tax agents and we will show you how to make your claims and enjoy those tax refunds!

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