Paid Too Much Tax on Your Working Holiday in the UK - Apply for a UK Tax Refund

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Paid Too Much Tax on Your Working Holiday in the UK?

UK Tax Refund
Apply for a UK Tax Refund

What to Do When You’ve Paid Too Much Tax on Your Working Holiday in the UK?

Just got back from a working holiday in the UK? You might want to check if you overpaid tax, and apply for a tax rebate as soon as possible.

Apply for a UK Tax Refund

Documents required

It is important that you obtain the required documents before you leave the UK, such as the P45 form if tax is deducted through the PAYE system, a P60 form if you started work at 5 April, a self-assessment tax return if you worked as a contractor, and P85 form if you are leaving the UK and may not come back for a full tax year. It is also highly recommended that you apply for a tax refund before you leave the UK, and simply make arrangements on how the tax rebate will be sent to your bank account.

When to apply for a tax refund

You can apply any time if you are leaving the UK to return home, or you will not be working in the UK for the rest of the tax year. Otherwise, you can lodge a claim by the end of the financial year, which is at 5 April.

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DIY or Professional Assistance

The choice to claim tax yourself or use a tax agent is entirely up to you. Between the two, however, the latter will simplify claiming a tax refund, which is a huge help considering how complicated the UK tax system is. But if you choose to take the DIY route, make sure you complete a tax return and submit original
copies of required documents to HM Revenue & Customs. You can get your money back after 2 to 3 months, provided there are no errors in your application form that could cause delays.

Think you may be due a tax refund from your working holiday in the UK? Apply here to get
your tax back.

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