5 Reasons why Aussies are still loving working in London 

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Working in London

5 Reasons why Aussies are still loving working in London 

Living and working in London is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. London is as vibrant, diverse and downright brilliant as it’s always been. Don’t be put off by stories of high rents and rip off prices; London is still the number one choice for Aussies when it comes to finding work in the UK. Here are just a few reasons why.

It’s easy to find a job in London

When it comes to finding work, the sheer number of jobs on offer in London mean you won’t have to be on the job hunt for long. From casual, temporary work in hospitality to longer term contracts in the corporate sector, London is the easiest place in the country to find a job.

London jobs pay

The salaries in London are the highest in the UK and, yes it’s pricey to live here, but the salaries generally reflect the cost of living if you’re savvy with your pennies.

Work hard, play hard

From hip hop brunch karaoke and adults only ball pits to festivals and parties in carparks, not to mention FREE museums and art galleries, London wins hands down as the top place in the country to spend your hard earned cash.

Working in London means Europe is on your doorstep

In just over 2 hours from St Pancras station you can be sipping champagne in Paris or downing beers in Belgium – the Eurostar is the gateway to Europe and London is where it’s at. Many budget airlines base themselves here which means cheaper fares than elsewhere in the UK.

There’s a huge Aussie contingent in London

There is a massive Aussie expat community in London which is a great way of curing any homesick blues you might have. Chatting to fellow expats already working could lead to job opportunities too or at the very least some top tips for finding work from those who’ve been in town for a while.

So whether it’s the good pay, world class nightlife or being able to jump on a train to Europe at the drop of a hat, London is the top place to earn your keep while you’re travelling in the UK.

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