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How To Claim UK Tax Back

If you pay tax through the PAYE system, it is your employer’s responsibility to send HMRC information about your income, the amo-unt of taxes paid, and any benefits you receive in kind within the tax year. Once automatic reconciliation is done at the end of each tax year, you will know, one way or another, […]

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Why You Should Take A Gap Year

If you’ve been working in the UK and are ready for a new challenge, then take a look at these exciting opportunities with BUNAC. However for those of you who have been earning whilst in the UK, don’t forget to apply for your tax back to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities. Why take a […]

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10 Tax Saving Tips for Landlords

Do you want to save tax from your rental property? Keep this tax advice for landlords in mind whilst filing your tax return. Tax Advice For Landlords Deposits from your new tenants should be excluded from your property income tax return, so you don’t need to pay tax for them. From sole ownership, transfer a […]

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