Overpaid via PAYE? Here’s How You Can Claim Back Tax

Think you’re being over taxed? You could be overpaying tax through PAYE. Check your payslip and get in touch at www.taxback.co.uk to claim a PAYE Tax Refund. Understanding PAYE If you are taxed under the PAYE system, the possibility of you claiming for a refund depends on several factors. In some cases, you may not […]

How Do I Claim Back Tax I Have Overpaid Through PAYE

  How to Claim Back Tax Overpaid Through PAYE on Wages or Pensions… Think you overpaid tax through PAYE? Read on and find out what you need to do to claim a PAYE tax refund with www.taxback.co.uk. What is a P800 tax calculation? P800 tax calculation will be sent to you by HMRC if, by […]

Tax Refunds For Student Summer Jobs

Tax Refunds For Student Summer Jobs

Taking a summer job? Keep an eye on your income. As the summer draws to an end, you might want to take a look at those payslips. Any income you receive during a summer job is taxable, so you are eligible for a tax refund, especially if you overpay tax. Your tax obligation, however, will […]

Five Cities with the Best Music Scenes in the UK

Manchester - UK Working Holiday

  Currently on a working holiday in the UK? London may have a thriving live music scene but it’s not the only place in the UK with quality bands on tap. Other cities in the UK provide plenty of entertainment as well as great employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for office work or casual bar work, […]

Tax Tips For Temps & Agency Workers

Tax Tips For Temps & Agency Workers

  Working for a temp agency not only provides you with an income stream but can also help tide you over if you’re in between jobs. It’s also a great way to test whether or not you will thrive in a particular working environment or a industry. But, apart from the money you’ve earned, it […]

How Do I Claim Back Tax I Have Overpaid through PAYE on Wages?

How Do I Claim Back Tax I Have Overpaid through PAYE on Wages?

Overpaid PAYE Tax? Read our comprehensive guide on how to claim a PAYE Tax Refund.  There are many reasons that you could overpay tax through PAYE, such as being on the wrong tax code or when switching employers within a tax year. But because of the complexity of the UK tax system, knowing if you […]

What to Do If You’re Put on Emergency Tax

As a working holiday maker in the UK there’s a high possibility that you might get put on an Emergency Tax Code. This may result in you being over taxed, so here’s some tips on what to do if you think you’ve being overtaxed and how you can apply for a PAYE Tax Refund if […]

Top Job Sites for New Arrivals in the UK

UK Tax Refund

  Heading to the UK on a working holiday? We take a look at the best job sites for working holiday makers to check out ahead of their arrival in the UK. Related Articles: Paid too much on your working holiday in the UK? Best temping agencies for Working Holiday makers in the UK PAYE […]

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