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PAYE Tax and Tax on Other Benefits

Following the end of tax year 2017, you’re likely to be working out your tax return to check if your PAYE Tax qualifies you for a tax refund UK taxman offers. Whether or not HMRC will send you overpaid or underpaid tax calculations heavily depend on how much tax your employer paid through the PAYE […]

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Understanding PAYE Tax UK

If you work in the UK, you’re probably no stranger to the PAYE (Pay as You Earn) system that employers use to calculate and deduct tax and pay National Insurance. In Ireland, the same system is used to calculate Universal Social Charge and Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI). How exactly is PAYE Tax Refunds calculated? […]

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Claiming Tax Back From Working in Australia

Just returned from Australia on a working holiday? You could be owed an Australian Tax Rebate. Get in touch with to claim your tax back from Australia. Who qualifies for an Australian Tax Refund Backpackers, holidaymakers, students, and holders of 417 Visa may be eligible for an Australian tax refund, provided that they meet […]

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What is PAYE?

Wondering how to make sense of your payslip each month? You may see chunks of your money being zapped by NI and tax, but what is PAYE? Here we show you how you can claim tax back via PAYE for a PAYE Tax Rebate. What is PAYE? PAYE or pay as you earn is the […]

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Understanding Your Payslip

When was the last time that you checked your payslip? Not the kind where you looked over it at a glance, but thoroughly check it and understand what the entries are about. Are you even sure that what you are getting is a detailed payslip? Most people considers it as nothing more than a piece […]

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