What Is the Seafarer’s Earnings Deduction

As a seafarer working outside the UK, you can reduce your tax bill through the Seafarer’s Earnings Deduction (SED). You are eligible for a SED if you work on the ship, you rendered work outside the UK long enough to qualify, and you are a resident for tax purposes in the UK or in a […]

Why You are Due a Tax Refund – Top 10 Reasons

Why You are Due a Tax Refund

As Employers start to hand out P60 forms to millions of Employees many of which could be due to a uk tax refund There are Many Reasons Why you may be due a tax Refund Here are a few examples. Here are 10 reasons why you could be owed a UK Tax Refund If you […]

The Life Of A Junior Marine Engineer

What It’s Like To Be A Junior Marine Engineer The role of a Junior Marine Engineer onboard a ship is quite a hands-on position, where he/she is expected to monitor the engine room. Not alone, however, there would be a second or third engineer to accompany. If you’re looking into the idea of uprooting and […]

Top UK Companies For Seafarer Jobs

UK Companies Best for Seafarers Working as a seafarer in the UK has its perks, especially where safety and welfare are concerned. The existence of a registered charity, the Seafarers UK, for instance, helps ensure that the lives of seafarers and their families are improved. More importantly, there are plenty of UK companies where seafarers […]

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