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10 Tax Saving Tips for Landlords

Do you want to save tax from your rental property? Keep this tax advice for landlords in mind whilst filing your tax return. Tax Advice For Landlords Deposits from your new tenants should be excluded from your property income tax return, so you don’t need to pay tax for them. From sole ownership, transfer a […]

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Taking Cash From Your Pension

Find out more about cashed pensions Now that you’re allowed to take cash from your pension, it can be an ideal source of funds, especially if you really need cash, and you have no other sources available. But due to penalties and tax fees, you might want to do this the smart way. Take only […]

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UK Income Tax Rates For 2016/17 Tax Year

If you’re nearly ready to submit your self assessment tax return for the 2015/16 tax year or perhaps you already have, then you may want to start thinking about the forthcoming tax year! With the 2016/17 tax year in mind, we thought we’d refresh you on your personal allowance so you know where you’re at […]

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Tips for moving to the UK

Do you plan to move to the UK? There are two things you need to know – National Insurance (NI) and the UK tax. Among the many things you need to know about, these should be your top two priorities, as they are essential to employment. National Insurance (NI) You pay for NI so you […]

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