Are You Due a Tax Refund? Here Are 10 Reasons You Might Be

Why You are Due a Tax Refund

Are you due a tax refund? Here are 10 reasons you might be. Everyone likes to hear some good news now and again, and a tax refund of any kind is always going to be welcome.  As Employers start to hand out P60 forms to millions of employees many of which could be due to […]

Update on UK Land and Buildings Transactions Taxes

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Recent changes made with regard to the UK tax system include developments in relation to the UK Land and Buildings Transactions Taxes (LBTT). Some of them are quite helpful to taxpayers, but let’s look at these in a little more detail… Here is an Update on Land and Buildings Transactions Taxes Many legislative changes have been […]

Spousal tax breaks for unmarried couples

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Until now, under the UK tax system, spousal tax breaks for unmarried couples were not available. According to a recent landmark decision by the Supreme Court, these benefits will now be available to unmarried couples too. The Supreme Court ruled on the basis that it’s a breach of human rights to discriminate based on sexual […]

How to Claim Marriage Allowance

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Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is encouraging more people to claim marriage allowance online. Here is How to claim marriage allowance. The online method is being promoted as a quick and convenient way to apply for the marriage allowance, which is part of the UK tax system, and which the government is encouraging more […]

Best Arts & Music Events in London This October

UK Tax Refund

  Experience the best of London this October with these spectacular events. Apply for a UK tax Refund China Changing – 7th October 2017 Chinese culture will be descending upon the Southbank this October showcasing a whole host of artists – both British based and South East Asian. China Changing Festival will also welcome China’s […]

Student Tax Explained – Student Tax Refunds

UK Student Tax Refunds

Are you working whilst at college or uni? Make sure you understand your tax. Apply for Student tax refunds with us now to get more money in the bank. A Basic Tax Guide for Students The UK tax system is a complicated lot, but something you must understand if you study and work at the […]

5 Alternative Student Jobs You Probably Haven’t Thought Of – Student Tax Refunds

Don’t be fooled into thinking student jobs just mean bar work and working behind a till. There are plenty of other ways to rake in the cash. The important thing to also do if you are working whilst studying, is to keep an eye on your payslips. Make sure you’re on the right tax code, […]

What Jobs Come With Accommodation in the UK

  There are plenty of opportunities to earn money and save on living costs by seeking out jobs that also provide you with accommodation. This is a sure fire way of saving money while you earn, with the added bonus that your commute will never be more than a few minutes. Live and work on […]

6 European Adventures To Have This Summer

European Adventures To Have This Summer

With Europe just a train ride away, you’d be mad to stay in the UK all summer – especially with the famous British weather. So get out there and enjoy these European summer adventures. With sun. Probably. La Tomatina, Spain Take part in the world’s biggest food fight in the small town of Bunol, Spain, […]

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