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How Do I Claim Tax Back?

A  Guide to Claim Back UK Tax as a Migrant Have you overpaid tax and submitted a tax return? In that case, HMRC will send you a refund; if you are not sure of the procedure you can always enlist the help of a professional tax consultant at You can claim back UK tax […]

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UK Tax Travel Guides: Simple ways to save money

UK Tax Money Saving Travel Guides: Simple ways to Save Money Whether you’re saving money for a deposit on a home, or you want to start planning your next travels, every little bit you can save will help. However, it’s easier said than done and sometimes it can be hard to actually implement any saving […]

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Bath to Introduce a Tourist Tax

Bath UNESCO world heritage city Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage City that receives nearly 6 million tourists each year. With plans to introduce a tourist tax similar to Paris, Rome, and other major European destinations, it will surely see a boost of tax revenue. How that will affect the number of visiting tourists remains […]

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