Important Dates In The UK Financial Year – Key 2020 UK Tax Dates

Dates in the UK Financial Year

The UK Tax Year 2019-2020 – Dates to Remember to Avoid Penalties UPDATED: 2nd April 2020 The UK Tax Year runs from 6 April to 5 April of the next year. Within this period, all of your income, whether earned or remitted in the UK, may be subject to tax. Whether you owe tax or […]

UK Tax Changes Billed To Take Effect In April 2020

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The UK’s IR35 tax rules, newly introduced, will become effective by April 2020. This article explains these new UK tax rules. What Is The Present IR35 Tax Policies For UK Tax Payers? The current IR35 tax rule addresses the issue of a tax avoidance by an independent contractor contracting via a personal service company (PSC) […]

How Do You Claim UK Tax Back?

Tax Refunds UK Explained! We all have to pay tax, it’s a fact of life, but did you know that there are times you may pay HMRC too much tax, which you can claim back. This article educates you on how you can apply for tax refunds; UK Inland Revenue has several options and with […]

Check Your UK Tax Code Is Correct – New 2019/20 PAYE Codes

Making the most of your UK tax refunds If you are employed or are the receiver of a pension, you will already have or be issued a 2019/20 PAYE code from HMRC. The code comes via mail, or self-assessed tax payers can check online. Tax codes tell you or your employer under which criteria to […]

Top Tips for Filing your Self-Assessment Tax Form

Keeping your UK Tax Refunds Accurate! This article educates you on filing your tax forms accurately; read on and discover the factors you need to declare, allowances you can claim and how to submit the most minimal tax bill with no mistakes. If you need extra help contact our team so we can help you […]

Step by step guide to completing the HMRC Self-Assessment Tax Return

Claiming UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents This article covers a step by step guide to your Self-Assessment Tax Return. Once you register yourself for the self-assessed tax payer scheme, as a non-resident tax payer in the UK, your next step is filing your tax returns. This article lists a step-by-step guide on claiming UK Tax […]

Beat the Clock – Claim Your UK Tax Returns

Time to get the wheels turning for your 2014/2015 UK tax returns, and you need to act fast, before the year ends in April 2019. Beat the clock and get back those tax rebates, HMRC needs proof and are quite eager to return what’s owed to you; so, read on and get the paperwork started. […]

UK Tax Travel Guides: Simple ways to save money

UK Tax Travel Guides: Simple ways to save money

UK Tax Money Saving Travel Guides: Simple ways to Save Money Whether you’re saving money for a deposit on a home, or you want to start planning your next travels, every little bit you can save will help. However, it’s easier said than done and sometimes it can be hard to actually implement any saving […]

EIS Provisions – Required for CGT Relief

Self Assessment Tax Returns

There have been instances when the HMRC’s decisions with regard to UK tax have come under judicial review. One was the recent case, Ames v HMRC [2018] UKUT 0190 TCC which was taken up in the Upper Tribunal (UT) about HMRC’s decision not to accept a late claim for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) income tax […]

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