Best Agencies for Teaching Jobs in the UK

Are you looking for a teaching job in the UK? Rather than do all the legwork on your own, you should seek help from professional recruiters from trusted placement agencies. Here, we take a look at some of the top teaching recruitment agencies to help find you a teaching placement in the UK. TimePlan Education […]

What to Claim: Tax Rebates for Offshore Workers in the UK

Offshore workers in the UK are eligible for a tax refund. What is even better is that tax rebate can come from several different sources. If you know all about them, you are likely to get a significant amount of tax refund. Travel expenses Did you know that you’re eligible for a refund when traveling […]

Enjoy Your Tax Return This Easter With A Trip To Bruges

Just applied for your tax back and had a little windfall thanks to your tax refund? Then why not hop over to the continent to Bruges? With cobbled lanes linked by canals, quaint market squares, historic churches and unique architecture it is a somewhat overlooked location that is definitely worth a visit. If you take […]

5 Eastern European Cities To Visit This Spring

Just got your tax back and looking for an adventure? Here’s our top 5 Eastern European cities to visit this spring. If you’re looking for a cheap getaway this spring, then you can’t go far wrong by checking out some of the destinations in Eastern Europe. These cities continuously rank at the top of the […]

How To Claim UK Tax Back

If you pay tax through the PAYE system, it is your employer’s responsibility to send HMRC information about your income, the amo-unt of taxes paid, and any benefits you receive in kind within the tax year. Once automatic reconciliation is done at the end of each tax year, you will know, one way or another, […]

Tax Guide For Foreign Workers In The UK

The UK tax system is a complicated lot. This is why foreigners who come to live and work in the UK must, at least, know the basics. So here’s some info that may be helpful for both New Zealanders and Australians in the UK. All income earned in the UK, including benefits, savings interest, and […]

Top 5 Tours To Book When You Get Your Tax Back

Top 5 Tours To Book When

Saving up for your travels is hard. Especially if you’re counting on tips to top up your income, or if you’re working whilst studying. However, you may just be sitting on a pile of cash if you’ve been overpaying PAYE. Your employer may have put you on the wrong tax code or an emergency tax […]

Why You Should Take A Gap Year

If you’ve been working in the UK and are ready for a new challenge, then take a look at these exciting opportunities with BUNAC. However for those of you who have been earning whilst in the UK, don’t forget to apply for your tax back to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities. Why take a […]

Cash Out Your Pension

Cash Out Your Pension

Wanting to realise some real cash? You could consider cashing out your pension, however, you may want to think about the tax implications of doing so. Here we take a look at cashed out pensions and what they entail when it comes to tax. Cashing Out Your Pension Are you one of those unhappy buyers […]

How to Claim Back Tax From Australia

How to Claim Back Tax From Australia

Claiming Back Tax from Australia When you return home after working in Australia, you need to lodge a tax return in order to claim back tax. If it was temporary, you will need to lodge an Australian tax return online after 30 June, upon your return to your home country. If it was permanent, you […]

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