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Tax Tips For Australian Backpackers In The UK

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Every year thousands of Australian backpackers flock to the UK for
a working holiday in one of the world’s most amazing capital
cities. If you’re one of the many working holiday makers that are
temporarily living and working in the UK, make sure you keep an eye
on what you’re being taxed, as you could be owed some tax back.

It is possible that you may be paying more tax than you should
be. One of the reasons for this is that your employment didn’t go
on for the entirety of the UK tax year. The dates for the UK tax
year are 6th April – 5th April the following
year. Another complication that leads to unfair taxation is usually
working holiday makers who work more than one job. Another factor
could be your employer using the incorrect PAYE code that doesn’t
fit with your particular situation.

Another top tip for working holiday makers looking to save their
pennies is to keep hold of those receipts and bank statements to
prove what you have spent on work related necessities. You can
claim expenses on a variety of things from tools and equipment to
phone/internet bills and even travel – of course ask your work what
and what isn’t included first. Bear in mind that your expenses must
also not be for personal use – professional only people!

You can apply for tax back from four previous tax years, so you
can still make a claim for the tax year 2010-2011. You can use a
tax back company like to apply for your tax back on
your behalf, looking after your application from start to finish
until you get what you’re owed!

If you’ve been working temporarily in the UK, contact
now to see if you’re owed a tax refund!

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