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Cheap Eats in London

The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Eats in London

A Creative Way to Use your UK Tax Refunds

Living in London is expensive, but if you know how, it’s possible to enjoy your time in the bustling and exciting city, without draining the budget. If you didn’t already know, managing your UK tax refunds will be a fine way to supplement your earnings, and our agents are happy to assist. Well, helping put your hard earned money to good use, this article looks at one of life’s fundamentals – food and lists some of the best cheap eats in London.

1. Spend your Bonus UK Tax Refunds at GOKYUZU

This place is always crowded, the two main factors contributing to this fact are – delicious food and some pretty reasonable prices. What more can you ask for? Head over to Gokyuzu located at, 26-27 Grand Parade, Harringay London. And if your UK tax return can help keep the foodie in you happy, we know we’ve done good!

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2. Max’s Sandwich Shop for Comfort Food

Hot sandwiches chock full of ham hock and lovely fried egg are signature dishes here; while confit guinea fowl, shoestring chips, chicken liver parfait and dill pickle salads are pretty popular too. This is a good place to go spend those tax returns from HMRC; head over to 19 Crouch Hill, Stroud Green, London.

3. Singburi for Thai Dishes in London

Londoners love spicy food and Singburi is one of the most popular; a cosy friendly little place, specialising in Burmese style pork belly curry, exotic clam dishes and lovely spicy Thai chicken curries. The place located close to Theatre of Wine offers a BYO policy!

These are just a few cheap eateries located around London, and really with some planning, you can tackle and enjoy the grand old city. Contact us for professional tax consultancy, and you will be surprised at how much you can gain from filing a tax return, don’t end up paying too much to HMRC, let us help and let you enjoy London.

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