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Top 5 Tours To Book When

Top 5 Tours To Book When You Get Your Tax Back

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Saving up for your travels is hard. Especially if
you’re counting on tips to top up your income, or if you’re working
whilst studying. However, you may just be sitting on a pile of cash
if you’ve been overpaying PAYE.

Your employer may have put you on the wrong tax code
or an emergency tax code, which could mean you have overpaid tax and
are due a tax refund from HMRC. So make sure you check your
payslips to make sure you’re on the right tax code, or find out
more about PAYE and how to get a PAYE tax refund here.

Should you be one of the many people who have
overpaid PAYE
and are due a massive tax refund then your dreams
of travelling the world could be closer to becoming a reality then
you think! Simply click here to apply for your tax refund.

Once you’ve obtained the hard earned cash you
need to go on your travels you’ll probably want to think about how
you can eek out your money so you can travel for longer. So here’s
a few of the best cheap tour operators and tours to help you see as
much as you can of the world for as little as possible.

Stoke Travel

If you’re looking for fun filled tours around
Europe then Stoke Travel are your guys. From cheap Ibiza deals, to
surfing holidays in Morocco and festival tours throughout Spain to
La Tomatina and San Vino – the famous tomato throwing and wine
fighting festivals, you can experience a wealth of Europe’s culture
through their cheap tours.

Find out more at

Travel Talk Tours

Having recently launched cheap Asia tours to
India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand, you can now see some of the
most mystic and exciting locations in Asia. For example, one of
their India tours takes you around the major sites of the Taj Mahal
and to Delhi and Jaipur over 8 days for as little as £239. You can
also experience the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia or combine
Cambodia and Thailand over 13 days for just £584.

Find out more at

First Festival Travel

If partying is your thing, then First Festival
Travel are your one stop shop to some of Europe’s hottest parties.
From Oktoberfest to La Tomatina they have you covered. In fact you
can also experience new year’s eve in Scotland on their Hogmanay
Tour over 4 days from just £269 – including

Find out more at

Encounters Travel

If the plains of Africa are calling you and you
can’t wait to do an overland safari through Tanzania spotting
elephants, lions, zebras and more then Encounters Travel’s overland
Africa tours are a great way to have the trip of a lifetime.
Encounters don’t just head to Tanzania however, they also cover
Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and more. Their 10 day
Tanzania overland tour is just £1,079 per person.

Find out more at

Sail In Greece

If you’ve come to Europe to see some of the most
stunning scenery on earth, then take advantage of Sail In Greece’s
Greek Island cruises. As you party your way from island to island
on board one of their yachts you can combine sun, sea, sailing and
swimming with meeting like minded travellers and having a blast as
you take in the Greek culture.

Find out more at

So there we go, plenty of inspiration to
apply for your tax back!

For further questions contact us at

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