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Travel on a Shoestring Without Depriving Yourself

Mastering the Art of Travel Budget

Travelling the world doesn’t have to leave you broke when you return home. Even if you visit London or other parts of the UK that are dubbed as expensive places to visit, you can still save money while travelling UK cities tourists flock to year on year.

Want to know how? Read on.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

Book your stay in hostels that offer free breakfast. Choose a room with complimentary breakfast. This is a lot cheaper than dining out. And, when possible, sneak out a sandwich or two for your next meal.

Look for Ways to Save on Transportation

Use Interrail and choose your destinations. This is highly recommended if you plan to travel from the UK to the rest of Europe for a long period of time. It is best to buy passes to different places in one go than buy them individually.

Spend More Time in More Affordable Locations

Liverpool, Edinburgh, Brighton, and Manchester are a few places in the UK to visit when you’re on a budget. Here, you will find museums and attractions you can check out for free. And a leisurely stroll along cobblestone streets is already a great experience. The more you don’t spend money on a particular location, the more you save.

Sign Up for a Hike

You don’t need to limit sightseeing in the city. Head for the mountains and you’ll have an entirely different experience too. Set up camp overnight and you’ll have a fantastic adventure.

Travel Off-season

This is when accommodation, flights, and other travel needs are a lot cheaper. There might be a few trade-offs–all-day rain, for example, but it won’t be an entirely bad experience. If you’re travelling with the money you got from your UK tax refunds, staying on the budget is a good idea.

Ready to test these tricks yourself?

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