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UK Self Assessment Guide

UK Taxation for Foreign Residents
Tax Refunds UK Expats Can Claim As an employed expat in the UK, you are obliged to file a UK[...]
First Time Workers
Are You Within the Self-assessment Tax Return or PAYE System? The definition of whether you are employed or on a[...]
A Guide to Filling in and Filing Your Self-assessment Tax Return
As it is important you fill in your self-assessment tax return before the 31st January deadline; this article helps guide[...]
When is the Self-assessment Deadline for Tax Year 2018-19
2019 UK Tax Filing Deadline for Tax Year Ending 5th April 2019 Midnight of 31st January 2020 is your deadline[...]
HMRC Delays UK Tax Returns Penalty Notices: Will You Face Extra Fines?
Time to Meet that 2019 UK Tax Filing Deadline! There are over 740,000 tax payers in-line to receive fines for[...]
Top Tips for Filing your Self-Assessment Tax Form
Keeping your UK Tax Refunds Accurate! This article educates you on filing your tax forms accurately; read on and discover[...]
Step by step guide to completing the HMRC Self-Assessment Tax Return
Claiming UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents This article covers a step by step guide to your Self-Assessment Tax Return. Once[...]
Five Mistakes to Avoid on your First Self-Assessment Tax Return
Let Look at Filing your Self-Assessment Tax Return If this is your first time doing a self-assessment tax return it[...]
How To Claim Back Your Unpaid Tax
Do you know if you're owed any taxback? You could claim back up to four previous tax years. Find out today if[...]
How To Avoid UK Tax Penalties
How to Avoid Penalties Due to Failure in Filing a Tax Return on Time After Returning to the UK When you[...]
Online Self Assessment For Teachers
Self Assessment Online for Foreign Teachers Working in the UK For an overseas trained teacher in the UK, worrying about the tax[...]
What You Need To Know About Self-Assessment Tax Returns – Paper Returns Help
Do you need to submit a paper return before the 31st October deadline? If so, read these helpful tips or[...]
Do You Need To File A Self-Assessment?
Are You Unnecessarily Filing Self-Assessment Forms? Failure to file income tax on time usually results in fines and penalties that[...]
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