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UK Self Assessment Guide

How To Claim Back Your Unpaid Tax
Do you know if you're owed any taxback? You could claim back up to four previous tax years. Find out today if[...]
How To Avoid UK Tax Penalties
How to Avoid Penalties Due to Failure in Filing a Tax Return on Time After Returning to the UK When you[...]
Online Self Assessment For Teachers
Self Assessment Online for Foreign Teachers Working in the UK For an overseas trained teacher in the UK, worrying about the tax[...]
What You Need To Know About Self-Assessment Tax Returns – Paper Returns Help
Do you need to submit a paper return before the 31st October deadline? If so, read these helpful tips or[...]
Do You Need To File A Self-Assessment?
Are You Unnecessarily Filing Self-Assessment Forms? Failure to file income tax on time usually results in fines and penalties that[...]