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UK Tax Travel Guides : How to Travel Cheap

UK Tax Money Saving Travel Guides : How to Travel Cheap

One of the things that often stops people experiencing the things they want to is money. Many people put off travelling because they feel like they don’t have enough money. Well the good news, you don’t have to be rich to go travelling.
Here’s how.

Work overseas

There are loads of jobs you can get overseas in order to fund your travels. You have to remain unpicky and be willing to do some hard work. Remember that this isn’t your career – it’s just a means to an end.
From working as a bartender, to teaching English – there are plenty of things you can do abroad. Consider farm work too, as this is incredibly popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Free flights

So for many people, the flight is the part of the trip they think will be the most expensive. But there are so many reward schemes out there now which allow you to rack up some air miles.

Stay with locals

Thanks to the rise in cheaper ways to travel, there are now an abundance of websites which connect you with people who are willing to open up their homes to you. Often these people are ex-backpackers themselves so know what it’s like to have the travelling bug.
Not only is this a great way to never pay for accommodation, but you also end up meeting some amazing people and experiencing things that only locals know about.


While we’re on the subject, housesitting is a great way to experience a bit of travel, but without paying for accommodation. It’s simple – you watch someone’s house while they’re out of town. This gives you a free place to stay in exchange for watering some plants, feeding the cat or signing for deliveries. What could be easier?!

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