What to Claim: Tax Rebates for Offshore Workers in the UK

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Offshore workers in the UK are eligible for a tax refund. What
is even better is that tax rebate can come from several different
sources. If you know all about them, you are likely to get a
significant amount of tax refund.

Travel expenses

Did you know that you’re eligible for a refund when traveling to
what HMRC calls temporary workplaces, especially when done under 24
hours? If you didn’t, you’d be happy to know that you can still
claim for the past four years that you didn’t ask for a refund for
travel expenses. The same thing applies if you fly out to your
platform, or travel to the airport or heliport, either using your
own car or public transport.

If your employer pays some of your travel expenses, you can
still get a tax refund based on the difference of what your boss
gave you and what is specified by the law. What is tax free is less
than 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles, and less than 25p per
mile after this.

Accommodation expenses

If you need to book a hotel the night before or two days before
you need to go to the platform, you could be eligible for
accommodation rebate. If you pay for your hotel out of pocket, you
could be due some cash as well. Just make sure to keep the receipts
for documentation and calculation purposes.

Most of the time, refund for travel and accommodation expenses
are separate from the Seafarers Earnings Deduction (SED), if and
when applicable.

The amount of tax you can claim back

On average, an offshore worker can get a tax refund of anywhere
between £600 and £700 per year. So if you have four years of tax
rebate to claim, you’re going to have plenty of extra cash when it
goes through.

Think you may be due a tax refund? Apply here to get
your tax back.

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