What You Need When You Claim PAYE Tax Refund Online

Claim PAYE Tax Refund Online

You can claim PAYE tax refund online, which is easier than doing it the conventional way. But you still need to provide the required documents, just as you would on a regular tax back claim. It is also important to note that you can’t claim tax refund online for someone else.

Employer’s PAYE Reference Number

This can be found on your P60, which is a document that shows the income tax you’ve paid in the 6 April to 5 April tax year. The same form will serve as proof of your income when you apply for a mortgage or loan, and tax credits.

Details on Taxable Income and Taxable Benefits

You pay tax on the money you earn from employment and from services you sell if you’re self-employed. Other taxable income includes most pensions, job benefits, rental income and income from a trust. 

State benefits, on the other hand, are either taxable or tax-free. Some of the benefits you pay income tax on including State Pension, carer’s allowance, employment and support allowance, jobseeker’s allowance, bereavement allowance, incapacity benefit widowed parent’s allowance, widow’s pension and pensions paid by the Industrial Death Benefits scheme.

HMRC’s Tax Checker

Not sure if you’ve paid too much tax on income and other taxable benefits? Use HMRC’s Tax Checker to determine if you are eligible for a tax rebate. Make sure you have your P60 on hand, and you have the details of any savings you have or gift aid donations you made to charity.

It is important to note that the tax checker is only applicable to individuals with a basic or higher   tax rate, needs to get their personal allowance, and are born after 5 April 1948.

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