Top 5 UK Recruitment Companies For Temp Work

  Applying for temp work is a great idea if you need to find a job ASAP. It’s also ideal for you if you don’t mind switching jobs a few times each year and/or working in different companies. Whether you’re looking to get some extra money during a working holiday in the UK, or want […]

3 Spring Breaks To Make The Most Of Your Working Holiday

spring fest working holiday uk

If you’re over in the UK on a working holiday then you’re in prime position to book a cheap flight and hop on over to Europe. Spring is the perfect time to visit Europe, with temperatures creeping up you can expect plenty of great weather to explore another city, or simply get into the European […]

Tax Guide For Foreign Workers In The UK

Tax Guide For Foreign Workers In The UK

The UK tax system is a complicated lot. This is why foreigners who come to live and work in the UK must, at least, know the basics. So here’s some info that may be helpful for both New Zealanders and Australians in the UK. All income earned in the UK, including benefits, savings interest, and […]

BUNAC’s Top 5 UK Working Holiday Activities

Top 5 UK Working Holiday Activities

BUNAC are specialists in working holidays and internships abroad, offering programmes where you gain professional work experience and career skills around the world while travelling in a new place. The UK is one of BUNAC’s most popular work and travel destinations and, with its vibrant multi-cultural cities full of businesses, gritty theatre and eighteenth century […]

Are Tips Taxable In The UK

Are Tips Taxable In The UK

In the UK, tips are discretionary rather than compulsory. But they could be taxed when they are given to bar staff, waiters and other hospitality workers. Are tips taxable? Yes. Tips are subject to tax and, in some cases, National Insurance (NI), depending on who received the tips and how they are shared out. Tips […]

Tax Tips for Bar Workers in the UK

If you’re headed to the UK for a working holiday then you may end up working in a bar whilst you get some cash together for travelling, but it’s important to be aware of what you’re earning and more importantly how much you’re getting taxed. Bar workers, just like anyone else working in the UK […]

Best Temping Agencies For Working Holiday Makers In The UK

UK Financial Tax Year dates

For the majority of travellers who spend their working holiday in the UK, landing a temporary job will suit them down to the ground. With the main goal to earn money to fund the remainder of your travels, a temporary position can allow you to work hard, gain experience and reward without being tied down […]

What Can You Claim Back When You’re A Nurse In The UK

Did you know that if you’re working as a nurse in the UK you may be entitled to claim back tax relief on your earnings. Although there are certain things that will be paid for by your employer, there may be times when you need to pay for things out of your own pocket. But […]

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