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Beat the Clock – Claim Your UK Tax Returns

Beat the Clock – Claim Your UK Tax Returns

Time to get the wheels turning for your 2014/2015 UK tax returns, and you need to act fast, before the year ends in April 2019. Beat the clock and get back those tax rebates, HMRC needs proof and are quite eager to return what’s owed to you; so, read on and get the paperwork started.

Why Make that Refund Claim for your UK Tax Rebates?

There are many Brits out there eligible for tax rebates, sadly a majority are not aware of this fact or just don’t bother to put in the paperwork, which is, in reality, a huge personal loss in unclaimed tax refunds. HMRC is trying their best to return what’s owed to you, but cannot do so unless you furnish them with the necessary details; so going the distance and gathering that information and lodging a refund claim will be more than beneficial for you. Once the April deadline slips by, your right to claim tax refunds for
2014/2015 is lost forever.

You Could Be Eligible For a Tax Refund

Regardless of the fact that your employer is paying your tax via PAYE, you could be eligible for a tax refund. HMRC is very reasonable in this regard but must be informed. Of what – You wonder? Well, the mundane expenses connected to your job, for which you are paying tax, check out the following criteria under which you can put in that tax claim.

 Work travel costs – includes public and private travel, a car needs fuel to run right!
 Accommodation costs
 Tool costs

The Profits from Putting in a UK Tax Refund Can be Huge

You may not know it but once you get the ball rolling your tax rebates could be pretty impressive. Even if your tax file is handled by a professional you may not be reaping the full benefits, you need to seek the help of a UK tax refund specialist to reap the full benefits, which extend to the last 4 years!

No Records of your Expenses?

You can still claim a tax rebate for the last 4 years even if you have no records. Putting your claim in the hands of a tax refund specialist is key; these experts know how to back-track records and possess the necessary software to work out travel costs pertaining to past years. So, get to work, seek help with your tax refunds and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

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