Are you due a tax refund or tax rebate?

First and foremost a Tax Refund and a Tax Rebate are one and the same; it just depends on which country you are from as to what you know them by!

We at offer a free service. It costs you nothing to find out if you are due a refund. We don’t charge you a thing unless we get you a refund. If we do secure you a refund (and let’s hope we do), we only charge you a small commission which we take from the refund, so you don’t need to pay for anything upfront. So, we hear you saying, “It costs me nothing to find out, nothing if I am not due anything and if I am, your fees come out of my refund?!” Yes, you don’t even need to think about it to see it’s a great deal!

We will take care of the whole tax refund process from beginning to end, ensuring that all the correct procedures are followed and the correct tax forms and information is supplied to HMRC. We will also ensure all tax refund residency issues (if necessary), are taken care of on your behalf and when your tax refund comes through we can arrange to deposit it into your bank account anywhere in the world.

If you are an employee working under the PAYE system or on CIS certificates in the Construction industry, then you will almost certainly be due a Tax Refund.

We have divided up some of the categories below, which give you some further information.