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UK Tax Tips For Students

Need UK Tax tips for students? For those planning working holidays in the UK, it would be advisable to know about the rules and regulations governing the area and Tax Refunds in the UK. Those who plan to earn should know how much they would need to live on and travel. There are ways to […]

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UK Tax System Simplified

The UK tax system is generally deemed complex, but it is relatively straight forward. To pay taxes, one should have a national insurance number.  It treats spouses as separate entities. Non-citizens of the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or EU member nations should have a Tier 2 visa. The tax year is from April 6 of […]

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Tips for preparing of UK tax returns

Needs some tips for preparing of UK tax returns? Most people don’t look forward to preparing tax returns.  But following these tips would make it easier as it will mean more cash back in your pockets. Tips for preparing of UK tax returns Take advantage of new allowances – Those earning an annual gross income […]

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Five Things You Can Do with Your Tax Refund

Tax season is once again here, and that means either stressful news that you owe money, or relief that you either owe nothing; or, better yet – you are owed a refund by the government. A tax refund often feels like a windfall since it’s basically money you probably weren’t counting and relying on. What […]

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