UK Tax Refund Calculator

Need help calculating your UK income tax refund? Check out our super simple UK tax refund calculator which can give you a rough estimate on how much tax you could be owed back from HMRC.

Calculating your UK Tax Refund is super simple! 

Step 1 – Select the tax year you want to claim for

Step 2 – Add in your gross (total) pay for that tax year

Step 3 – Add the total amount of tax paid for the same year

After following these steps, the calculator will then crunch the numbers and let you know how much tax back you could be owed. Yep, it’s that simple… All that’s left to do then is start your tax refund claim with us.

Did you know you can claim back overpaid tax up to four previous tax years?

That’s right, you could claim a tax rebate for up to four previous tax years. What’s even better than that is that we offer a no refund, no fee tax refund service meaning you have absolutely nothing to lose, and money to gain…

How much income tax are you owed back from HMRC? Find out now using our UK tax refund calculator.

Are you due a tax refund? Use our UK tax refund calculate to find out.

Have you overpaid HMRC? Are you owed a UK tax refund? Apply now for a UK tax refund and reclaim your overpaid tax.

If you work in Scotland, the tax calculation is different – there are five marginal income tax bands from the 2020/21 tax year – the starter rate of 19%, the 20% basic rate, the 21% intermediate rate, the 41% higher rate, and the 45% additional rate. Please get in touch for an estimate of your refund to


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Contact the team at to get help with filing your UK tax return and find out how much you could be due back from HMRC. We can assist with uniform expense claims, mileage claims, self assessment tax returns, freelance and sole trader tax returns, CIS Tax rebates, Oil & Gas Industry tax refunds, seafarer tax refunds, expat tax refunds and more.

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