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Best Autumn/Winter Activities For Working Holiday Makers in The UK

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Make The Most Of Your Working Holiday in The UK

Summer may be over, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun activities coming up in autumn to keep you entertained. From mini breaks to events you’ll be spoilt for choice for what to do with your weekends.

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Guy Fawkes Night in London

Come the 5th November the skies of London will light up as Bonfire Night brings people out in their droves to watch the fireworks over the London skyline. If you really want to be traditional then watch the fireworks on London’s South Bank as the tradition was born from Guy Fawkes plans to blow up the Houses of Parliament. You can also catch major fireworks displays at Battersea Park and other venues around the capital.

Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets in Switzerland & Germany

From November and through December you can get into the Christmas spirit at the fantastic Christmas markets in Basel, Berlin or Munich to name a few weekend away options. Sip on gluwein, feast on bratwurst and take in the crisp Alpine air!

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A Weekend In Pisa

Fancy a little bit of sight seeing? Head over to Pisa in Italy to see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa whilst sampling amazing wines and Italian cuisine.

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New Year’s Eve In Edinburgh

Head up to the Scottish capital to experience the tradition of Hogmanay and party on the streets of Edinburgh in true Scottish style!

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