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How Do You Claim UK Tax Back?

Tax Refunds UK Explained!

We all have to pay tax, it’s a fact of life, but did you know that there are times you may pay HMRC too much tax, which you can claim back. This article educates you on how you can apply for tax refunds; UK Inland Revenue has several options and with professional guidance you can claim the maximum benefits for your UK tax return, do read on.

Have you Paid too Much Tax?

Having the wrong tax code is the main cause for overpaying tax to HMRC. PAYE (pay as you go) system can deduct more than is due, if your employer is submitting your tax under the wrong tax code, hence it’s important to make sure you supply the correct code. Contact us at and we will assist with not only filing your PAYE tax under the correct code but will keep track of overpaid tax and ensure you receive the refunds on time.

Is Claiming Tax Back UK Free

You can claim UK tax back free of charge from HMRC, however in order to make sense of the entire process you need to recruit the services of a qualified tax consultant capable of handling complex affairs.

Reclaiming Overpaid UK PAYE Tax

PAYE uses a tax code to deduct your tax and the system works fine if your pay is the same every month, in the event, it fluctuates you could end up paying more than is due. Also if you do not work for the full tax month or are a student, you could end up paying too much tax. Use the ‘HMRC tax checker’ to see if you are due for a UK tax refund. 

Self-Assessment Tax Return

A self-assessment with the assistance of our tax consultants will help you gauge if you are due for a tax rebate; in the event, you have over-paid HMRC you can claim tax back by writing to HMRC or applying online.

Reclaiming Overpaid Tax on Your Pension

Reclaiming overpaid tax on pension is very similar to claiming overpaid dues on your income tax. Have ready;

  • Your payslips
  • P45
  • P60
  • And information on full pension payments and benefits

Contact HMRC with these documents for an assessment and your UK tax back returns.There are of course many other instances you could be overpaying tax, such as on your interest from savings accounts; all this can be reclaimed via the correct channel, which is why you need to secure the services of reputed tax consultants such as those we provide at, if you feel the need to claim tax back in UK, do contact us for an assessment.

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