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Enjoy Your Tax Return This Easter With A Trip To Bruges


Just applied for your tax back and had a little windfall thanks to your tax refund? Then why not hop over to the continent to Bruges?

With cobbled lanes linked by canals, quaint market squares, historic churches and unique architecture it is a somewhat overlooked location that is definitely worth a visit. If you take the Eurostar from London then you can be in Brussels in less than 2 hours and connections to Bruges leave regularly from there.

The city has over 54 breweries so a brewery tour is a must; De Halve Maan is the most popular and boasts daily tours, a dining area and a museum. Bruges Beer Museum also provides information on the beer making process with an iPad guided tour and free tastings.

If chocolate is more your thing then take a trip to The Chocolate Museum where all your questions about the history and
making of chocolate can be answered. After this why not wander the cobbled streets and visit some of the city’s finest chocolatiers such as Dominique Persoone, the smaller Cafe Tassa or Daya Chocolates, which does exquisite hot chocolate.

There is no better way to see Bruges than by canal tour. The City Tour leaves every 30 minutes and you can either stay onboard for the whole tour or get off at different stops throughout the city. The Groenenei ‘Green Canal’ is said to be the most romantic as it is lined with 17th Century mansions and trees. The Harbour Road trip is also admired as it gives an insight into the workings of a real harbour.

When walking around the city you will no doubt notice the medieval buildings. If you take a walk along the canal you will
find many examples of timber buildings which have been extremely well preserved. The Gruuthusemuseum located in the medieval Gruuthuse building is not only a fine example of 15th century architecture but also contains works of 15th century to 19th Century art.

Whichever activities and sites you choose to see in Bruges, we’re sure you will be impressed by the architecture, history and culture of the place. One weekend here won’t be enough!

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