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Leaving UK Tax Back Guide

Leaving UK Tax Back Guide

If you are moving out of the UK, or have relocated in the last four tax years, you could be due for a tax refund for leaving the UK. Curious about  a Working holiday tax return? Find out more from our Leaving UK tax back guide, and see how you can Claim back UK tax.

Who is Allowed to Claim UK Tax Back?

Someone who has left the UK in the last four tax years can apply for a UK tax rebate and claim back UK tax. It is not an automatic tax refund; you need to submit an official claim to HMRC before they can refund your tax. You may also want to look into Working holiday tax return.

Why Would I Be Due a Leaving the UK Tax Refund?

You may be able to recoup tax due to the following reasons: Personal Allowance – if you have not used it in the year you emigrate. Job expenses − there could be work expenses you had not claimed before you left. Being of non-resident status, or being a non-resident landlord of UK property. You pay UK tax on UK pension income. You are employed in another country but continue to be a UK taxpayer.

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How Much Tax Back Can I Claim?

How much tax you can claim depends on various factors, like how much tax you paid in the UK, or if you had other sources of income. There is no upper limit on how much you can get back.

Essential Paperwork for a Leaving the UK Tax Back Claim

There are some important forms you need to support a UK tax back claim: A P85 has crucial information like the date you left the UK, your UK residency status and your employment situation abroad. When you complete your tax return, tax owed you will be repaid after submitting the tax return. 

When you leave your last UK employer, your P45 form will be given to you. If you do not have your P45, a claim might take a bit longer to complete. You will also need your national insurance number as shown on your payslips and other tax forms.

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