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Money saving tips for international students

Britain’s populous capital city of London is steeped in culture, history and is a hotspot for tourists. The flip side, however, is a different take if you happen to be an international student trying to stay afloat of living costs in this cosmopolitan neighbourhood. For newcomers to the city, budgeting living expenses while juggling assignment schedules as a student can be stressful. To lighten the load we’ve researched the following tips on living the city life in the UK without the added cost.

Learn to cook and eat in

The gamut of eateries and restaurants in the UK are dime a dozen, but, don’t offer the best option when trying to stick to a budget. Being backward in culinary capabilities could lead to frequently eating out and before you know it you’ve burnt a huge hole in your wallet. Think of cooking as a skill and cultivate the habit of purchasing groceries to prepare meals at home. It won’t take long to learn from online tutorials and who knows, you might enjoy it and rack up enough skills to seek part-time employment at a restaurant.

Look for the student discounts

Make time to research about student discounts and keep your eye out for counters that advertise such money savers. Clothing stores and book shops will invariably offer student discounts and you won’t lose out for asking about them at counters. Be prepared with your university ID card or any other identification with you at all times to take advantage of a bargain.

Buy second-hand books

Aside from semester fees and other living expenses, university textbooks are an essential cost that must be borne but often prove to be very expensive. Take the time to browse the shelves of second-hand bookshops or keep an eye out for senior university students looking to sell their used books as well. Once you graduate class you could sell them as well, so the textbooks become an added investment.

Supplement your education fund through a part-time job

Who wouldn’t want to party on the weekends than work a part-time job right ? However, part time work placement could earn you valuable work experience later on. In addition, a few extra pounds could help with any unplanned expenses or help pay off student loans or fill out for UK tax returns.

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