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saving money on an Australian road trip

Saving Money on an Australian Road Trip

Saving Money on an Australian Road Trip

Travelling to Australia is a once in a lifetime experience that often turns into several times because the people who visit there just can’t get enough! However, travelling to the land down under often requires a big budget. Usually, the people who visit there go for at least a month and often more so they have to take into consideration their accommodation, meals for their trip and flights to and from their home country.

Another classic Australian experience is the road trip. Hundreds of people who have road tripped across Australia say this is the perfect way to see and experience the most of what Oz has to offer. From the wonderful people, to amazing scenery and exotic wildlife, road trips are the way forward. However, this can lead to even more costs for so many different reasons. We’re here to help saving money on an Australian road trip, so you worry less and enjoy more!

Budget, budget, budget!

This is the ultimate tip to saving money on any trip, but is especially key if you’re road tripping. Make sure you have a set amount that you’re going to spend on meals, accommodation, souvenirs and other random spending. Planning everything down to your last penny will definitely help you to save money, as you will be far less tempted to overspend.

Plan your journeys.

If you’re road tripping, you will obviously be spending a lot of time travelling. Whether you choose to travel in a car and camp, or have a camper or caravan you will need to consider your fuel consumption. Try and plan as much of your routes ahead of time, which will leave few surprises while you’re there. Having a good solid plan will mean that you don’t get waylaid but you can also enjoy as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you can’t have spontaneity, rather it means you can get back on the road with a plan instead of driving aimlessly.

Decide on your meals.

It can be tempting while you’re on holiday to splash out and eat at as many different places as you can but this is a sure fire way to rack up those costs. Embrace the road trip lifestyle by buying food in advance and having barbecues and cookouts – this will save you plenty of money. Make sure that you buy plenty of snacks for the road too – you don’t want to end up stopping at every gas station along the way just to grab a few bits.

Keep an eye out for bargains.

If you’ve got a special talent for haggling people down on prices then that’s great, but for those of us who don’t have this skill, you may want to use coupons, bargains and deals to make your money go further. Have a look at Groupon or other similar sites to find great deals on hotels, campsites and meals. Making sure you do your research beforehand can also help you save money as you will have a better idea of what to expect before turning up somewhere.

Backup money.

Yes, this article is all about saving money on an Australian road trip, but it is so so important to have backup money in case something goes wrong. Even the best of plans can sometimes fall apart due to unexpected breakdowns, flat tyres or other emergencies. Having some backup money can help prepare you for the worst situations, and hopefully make them slightly less anxiety inducing.

Hope these tips will help you Saving Money on an Australian Road Trip: Read more about why you should visit Australia


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