Have You Filed Your Self Assessment Tax Return?

Have you filed your self assessment tax return?

Have you filed your self assessment tax return? The tax deadline for Self-Assessment tax returns is the 31st of January. Failure to file your return for the previous tax year could result in a fine from HMRC. Avoid any late penalties by filing your Self-Assessment tax return and paying what you owe before the deadline […]

COVID-19: VAT and Self-Assessment Payment Deferral

VAT and Self-Assessment Payment Deferral

During the coronavirus pandemic, the UK Government is helping companies by deferring VAT and self-assessment payments. Temporary amendments to the VAT payments are expected to help companies handle their cash flow between 20 March 2020 and 30 June 2020. The HMRC does not charge interest or fines in respect of any amount deferred as a […]

What is the 2019/2020 Tax Code?

Student Tax Refunds

In UK tax news, the Personal Allowance amount, or the figure you can earn before paying income tax, will go up to £12,500 for the 2019-20 tax year. The numbers section of tax codes gives this number. For employees it is: 1250L. Read on to see if you are entitled to a Paye tax refund. […]

Tax Return to Complete? 5 Costly Self-assessment Mistakes to Avoid

Self-assessment Mistakes to Avoid

Leaving your tax return until the last minute could be a costly mistake. If you miss the deadline, you will be charged with penalties. And if you rush and make a mistake, it could lead to incorrect submissions and tax payments. Read our  Self-assessment tax advice to help with putting together your Self-assessment tax return. […]

What if I Work Abroad Temporarily?

What if I Work Abroad Temporarily

If you plan to work abroad for some time, there are tax considerations you have to take into account. Whether it’s UK tax for foreign nationals, or Self-assessment tax return advice, we cover the basics below so that you have an understanding of what is required. What Do I Need to Consider if I Am […]

What Is A UTR Number And How Does It Apply To You?

What Is A UTR Number

The Unique Taxpayer Reference Number or UTR is an exclusive 10 digit code that’s allocated to you or a company by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).  This code helps HMRC personally identify you with reference to any tax responsibilities or rebates.  If You Have A UTR Number And: Work in trades, you need to […]

How to Appeal an HMRC Self-assessment Penalty

How to Appeal an HMRC Self-assessment Penalty

If you have received a fine from HMRC, our guide will tell you how to appeal a Self-Assessment penalty, get it delayed or reduced. If you appeal to the tribunal, HMRC will wait for your payment until the tribunal sorts out your appeal. What’s important is that you act fast and get help.  The best […]

Do You Have an Old Tax Credit Debt?

Do You Have an Old Tax Credit Debt

Tax credit debts and the manner in which they are collected keep changing which is all the more reason that you should not ignore any letters you receive from HMRC. Read on for a breakdown of tax credit debt and UK tax advice including self-assessment tax advice. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) announced […]

Six Reasons to File Your UK Self-assessment Tax Return Early

File your UK self-assessment tax return early

Being a tax return early bird will mean you avoid spending the festive period immersed in tax. There are several advantages to filing early and here, we take a look at these and Self-assessment tax return advice, UK tax refunds and more. If you didn’t file your Self Assessment for 2018-19 you have until the […]

Do You Need to File a Tax Return on January 31st 2020? Read Our Self Assessment Checklist

Do you need to file a tax return on January 31st

It’s that time of year when UK Self Assessment tax returns must be prepared and submitted to HMRC on the 31st January. If you’re not organised this task can be time consuming, and can be daunting and stressful but nevertheless it has to be done or you will receive a late filing fine. Do You […]

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