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Can an Accountant Save Your Business Money?
Accountants use their skills and expertise to help grow your business by managing your financial accounts. It's common knowledge that[...]
Covid-19: Income Support for Self-Employed Launches
Covid-19 is not only a health crisis for self-employed launches but also a pressing employment crisis. The HMRC has begun[...]
Important Dates In The UK Financial Year – Key 2020 UK Tax Dates
The UK Tax Year 2019-2020 - Dates to Remember to Avoid Penalties UPDATED: 2nd April 2020 The UK Tax Year[...]
Self-Employed Individuals Encouraged to Reach New Deadlines for Tax Returns
The COVID-19 crisis is having far-reaching financial effects on individuals and companies alike in the UK and around the world.[...]
Tips for Filing Your 2020 Self-Assessment Tax Return
If you were self-employed from 6th April 2018 to 5th April 2019 and have earned more than £ 1000, then[...]
Betting Companies Win £1bn Tax Payout
Companies in the gambling industry were all dealt a financial blowback in April 2019 when fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs)[...]
Why you are due a tax refund – Top 10 Reasons
As Employers start to hand out P60 forms to millions of Employees many of which could be due to a[...]
6 ROI’s To Spend Your 2020 Tax Refund On
Got a Tax Refund due in 2020? Here's 6 ways to spend it wisely and maybe even make more money.[...]
Self Assessment Tax Guides – Business Income Calculation
What you should know when calculating Your Business Income? If you run a business, you are basically self-employed. While preparing[...]
How do I know if I have to file a UK Self Assessment tax return?
How do I know if I don't have to file a UK Self Assessment tax return? When dealing with Paye[...]
UK Student Tax Refunds – Are You Owed Money?
How to Claim Back UK Student Tax Refunds As a student paying tax in the UK, you may be confused[...]
Falling Inside IR35 Tax Rules – UK Tax Advice For The Self-Employed
If you fall within IR35 tax guidelines, it means that HMRC sees you as an employee in the ‘off-payroll’ working[...]
Important Deadlines For UK Tax Returns
Avoid heavy penalties by filing your UK tax returns on time. Listed are important deadlines for 2020, by when to[...]
UK Tax Changes Billed To Take Effect In April 2020
The UK’s IR35 tax rules, newly introduced, will become effective by April 2020. This article explains these new UK tax[...]
What You Should Know About VAT When Selling Products Internationally?
If you are selling products in the US, sales tax and VAT are the same but this is not the[...]
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