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Bath to Introduce a Tourist Tax
Bath UNESCO world heritage city Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage City that receives nearly 6 million tourists each year.[...]
50p ‘Booze Tax’ Will Make Newcastle the First English City to Introduce Alcohol Tax
In an effort to reduce alcohol-related problems, Newcastle will introduce a 50p ‘booze tax’, making it the first English city[...]
UK Taxpayers in 2018 to save more on tax payments
Save More on Tax Payments With the amount of tax-free personal allowance increased in 2018, most taxpayers will enjoy a[...]
How are your Investments Taxed?
When people talk about the financial markets, they often fail to recognise the differences that distinguish specific niches and products.[...]
UK Tax News – April Comes with Changes Major Changes in Tax and Benefits
April Comes with Changes Major Changes in Tax and Benefits The new tax year ushers in plenty of changes that[...]
PAYE Tax and Tax on Other Benefits
Following the end of tax year 2017, you're likely to be working out your tax return to check if your[...]
April Comes with Major Changes in Tax and Benefits
The new tax year ushers in plenty of changes that are sure to hit you where it hurts the most[...]
How Does the PAYE Scheme Works?
The end of tax year 2017 marks the time that you need to work on your tax return. To avoid[...]
Need to know facts UK Expat Tax
As if UK tax is not complicated enough, British expats also have to deal with expats tax that is even[...]
Important Dates In The UK Financial Year
The UK Tax Year: Dates to Remember to Avoid Penalties The UK Tax Year runs from 6 April to 5[...]
Are You A Kiwi Working As A Temp Teacher In The UK?
Applicable Taxes for Foreign Teachers in the UK To teach in the UK, there are documents and requirements that you need[...]
Tax Terminologies Worth Knowing and Understanding
The subject of taxes is not something people would enjoy talking about. But because it is one of the two[...]
Changes to the 2018/19 Allowances, Exemptions and Tax Rates
Come April 2018, there will be changes to tax rates, allowances, and exemptions. The changes will affect private clients, corporate[...]
How to find out if you are on Emergency Tax
Did you know that you could be owed a UK Tax Refund if you've been put on emergency tax. Check[...]
Settle into London Life Faster with These 6 Tips
Do you need help setting down in London? For a lot of people, starting a new life in a new[...]