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What Is A UTR Number And How Does It Apply To You?
The Unique Taxpayer Reference Number or UTR is an exclusive 10 digit code that’s allocated to you or a company[...]
What Tax Rates Do Small Businesses Pay?
In the United Kingdom, small businesses face a number of taxes that they must pay. It is also important that[...]
3 Tips to Manage your Money when Buying Online
The internet revolution has meant that it’s never been easier to buy goods and services online. The sheer convenience of[...]
UK Taxation for Foreign Residents
Tax Refunds UK Expats Can Claim As an employed expat in the UK, you are obliged to file a UK[...]
What is the 2019/20 PAYE Tax Code?
Could You Be Due for Tax Refunds? UK Taxpayers Time to Get Updated! Check the PAYE tax codes and seek[...]
First Time Workers
Are You Within the Self-assessment Tax Return or PAYE System? The definition of whether you are employed or on a[...]
Student Tax Refunds – Are You Owed Money?
How to Claim Back UK Tax Refunds As a student paying tax in the UK, you may be confused about[...]
HMRC System Error Could Lead to Fines for the Self-employed – Will You Be Affected?
A Glitch That Could Cause an Error in Your UK Tax Return A technical glitch within the HMRC system has[...]
07 Basic Tax Facts Every Student Needs to Know
How to Benefit From Your Uk Tax Return! Being savvy about your UK tax return procedures as a student can[...]
A Guide to Filling in and Filing Your Self-assessment Tax Return
As it is important you fill in your self-assessment tax return before the 31st January deadline; this article helps guide[...]
When is the Self-assessment Deadline for Tax Year 2018-19
2019 UK Tax Filing Deadline for Tax Year Ending 5th April 2019 Midnight of 31st January 2020 is your deadline[...]
How To Live Cheap In London On £40 A Day (or £1,200 a Month)
Relief from UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents How To Live Cheap In London On £40 A Day? No, this is[...]
Tax Filing For International Students – All You Need To Know
Benefit from UK tax refunds for non-residents Not all international students in the UK are eligible for tax filing. If[...]
Do International Students Pay UK Tax?
A Look at UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents This article takes a look at the special tax rules which affect[...]
Do Working Students Have To Pay Tax
Claim UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents Working students do have to pay income tax just like all other employed Britons[...]
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