Tax Tips for Students Starting Jobs Whilst at University - Student Tax Refunds

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Tax Tips for Students Starting Jobs Whilst at University – Student Tax Refunds

student tax refunds

Working whilst at university is a great way to add to your CV. But did you know you could be owed a student tax refund? Apply for Student Tax Refunds.

Student Tax Refunds

If you want to gain work experience and an employment history, even before you graduate from uni, working while studying at the same time provides an excellent opportunity.

Along with student jobs, however, is the complex prospect of paying taxes. Yes, you are expected to pay the taxman. And, no, there aren’t plenty of exceptions to the rule.

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When is a student expected to pay income tax and National
Insurance (NI)?

  • Student jobs have a personal allowance of £958 a month on average. If a student earns more, then they are obliged to pay income tax. If they earn more than £221 a week, they also need to pay NI. Both income tax and NI are automatically deducted by your employer through the PAYE system (How to claim at PAYE Tax Refund).

The only exception is when you are self-employed, where it is your responsibility to fill in a self-assessment tax return at the end of the tax year. HM Revenue & Customs will be the one to work out the tax amount you need to pay.

Student tax refunds

Tax tips for Foreign Students in The UK

  • If you are a foreign student working in the UK, tax treatment will depend on whether or not your country has Double Taxation Agreement with the UK. If an agreement exists, you don’t need to pay UK tax on your earnings. Otherwise, you will pay income tax as any other UK resident for tax purposes.

Tax tips for UK Students

  • If you are a UK resident and student working abroad, you will pay UK tax for any amount you earn above your personal allowance. If you work for a UK employer abroad, you also need to pay NI. Otherwise, you only need to worry about tax contributions, according to the laws in the country you’re working in.

Student Tax Explained

Think you may be due a tax refund? Apply here to get your tax back.

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