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UK Tax Advice: What Happens When I Leave The UK?

A Look at your UK Tax Refund

When leaving the UK, you must get your tax matters sorted out. Amongst these is the probability of claiming a UK tax refund as well as looking at rebates on tax owing to any student loans you may take overseas. Read on to get an idea of options available under which you can claim a UK tax return when you leave the UK.

Can you claim income tax returns when leaving UK

If you are a student, you are entitled to submit a claim for a tax return when leaving the UK at the end of your studies. Most students working in the UK while studying are employed part-time or work only half of the tax year; these individuals paying tax under the PAYE (pay as you earn) system often end up paying HMRC too much income tax.

How to claim income tax returns after leaving the UK

To reclaim your overpaid tax, you must file a P85 form, upon leaving the UK. This form will inform HM Revenue of your departure from the UK and will help them calculate your refund for that corresponding tax year. In the event you hold a form P45, given to you by your employer, both parts 4 and 5 need to be filed together with form P85 with HMRC; if you are confused contact us at for a professional consultation and evaluation of how to proceed. Save yourself the hassle and trouble while claiming the maximum amount due on your UK tax returns.

HMRC will make the refund via cheque posted to your last registered address; hence it’s important to keep them updated on your personal details. Alternatively, you can request your UK tax returns to be credited to your bank account.

Claiming tax returns for more than one tax year

You may be eligible to claim tax for more than one tax year of your time in the UK. If you this is your case do consult us, for a proper evaluation of your tax records and we will help you claim the maximum due on your tax returns after leaving the UK.

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