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Top Tips for Filing your Self-Assessment Tax Form

Keeping your UK Tax Refunds Accurate!

This article educates you on filing your tax forms accurately; read on and discover the factors you need to declare, allowances you can claim and how to submit the most minimal tax bill with no mistakes. If you need extra help contact our team so we can help you stay updated with your tax deadlines and make your self-assessed UK tax refunds hassle free.

First tip to filing your self-assessment tax form – Get an online account!

The deadline for filing a paper tax return is October 31st, if you have missed this date, you must file your self-assessment tax return online; by login in to the HMRC website. If you are already registered it’s not a problem, if not do so immediately as it takes 10 days after registration for you to get your ‘activation code’; which arrives in the post.

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Get your paperwork in order before filing your self-assessment tax form

Before you sit down to fill out details on your UK tax returns, make sure all documents are in order and at hand. You will need;

  • Form P60 from your employer which shows income and tax paid by you
  • Form P45 if you have left a job midway of the tax year
  • Form P11 or P9D which details all benefits plus expenses
  • Details of bank interests, building society accounts, dividends from any investments plus other sources of income you have

Do not contact HMRC

Statistics show that calling HMRC is more stressful than filing out your tax forms, for starters they almost never answer the phone; your best option in the HMRC website where all information is listed. There are videos too on how to register and fill out your tax forms.

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Use the services of an accountant

This is the most stress free option for filing your UK tax returns, a qualified tax accountant at will weed through the paperwork, keep deadlines in mind and fill out those forms accurately and save you huge amounts on your tax bills which are really quite a profit considering the low-fees an accountant charges; really it’s one of the simple pleasures of your tax life; do contact us today for an evaluation.

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