Who Does It Better? Comparing Tax Breaks For The Self-Employed Around The World

Comparing Tax Breaks For The Self-Employed Around The World

Being self-employed can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be extremely costly. Understanding the value of small businesses, countries worldwide offer a range of tax credits and deductions to help with operating costs. While most governments support the self-employed, some do it better than others. So who does it better? You be the judge. […]

Coronavirus tax advice for the self-employed

UK Tax Back

Are you searching for tax advice for the self-employed? Has the pandemic had a negative impact on your business? Are you struggling to pay your taxes and free up cash to invest in your business? While the Government introduced tax relief for some sectors and financial assistance to self-employed, the system is complicated and can […]

Tax refund scam risk – File your tax returns online to avoid scams

Tax refund scam risk

These days we’re all at risk of tax scams, but it’s avoidable or you can at least reduce your risk by being on top of your tax returns and by filing your tax returns online. By filing your tax returns online and being organised with your tax affairs, you will know that you have done […]

What to do when you’re accused of tax fraud by HMRC

So what should you do when you’re accused of tax fraud? We can all agree that this is not a situation that anyone wants to find themselves in. This article takes a look at tax fraud and covers some points that you should consider if you’re unfortunate to have found yourself in this position. Whether […]

How to Get Your Finances in Order for the New Tax Year

How to save in the new financial year

The impending start of a new tax year fills many with dread. Getting your finances in order can be an arduous process, but it’s always worth taking a step back and assessing your fiscal position as the year commences. How to Get Your Finances in Order for the New Tax Year – Taxback’s Essential Guide […]

Best Recruitment Agencies for Temporary Jobs in the UK

find temp work UK

Need to connect with the best recruitment agencies for temporary jobs in the UK? If you’re looking for work in the UK that is suitable for Working Holiday Makers, Gap Year adventurers, Digital Nomads, or Students then we’ve pulled together a selection of websites that will help you hit the ground running. Coming to the […]

Are You Due a Tax Refund? Here Are 10 Reasons You Might Be

Why You are Due a Tax Refund

Are you due a tax refund? Here are 10 reasons you might be. Everyone likes to hear some good news now and again, and a tax refund of any kind is always going to be welcome.  As Employers start to hand out P60 forms to millions of employees many of which could be due to […]

Tips for filing your self-assessment tax return

Filing Your 2020 Self-Assessment Tax Return

Need some tips for filing your self-assessment tax return? You’ve come to the right place. Our team has helped thousands of sole traders and self-employed freelancers file self-assessment tax returns and save a lot of money in the process.  Read on to discover Taxback’s top tips for filing your self-assessment tax return How do you […]

UK tax changes for the self-employed – 2020-2021

Self-Employed Tax Changes for 2020-2021

From 6th April onwards, millions of employees and self-employed people will pay less tax due to an increase in the threshold for the 2020-21 tax year. After the coronavirus pandemic fallout, are you going to be better off after the 2020-21 tax threshold changes? Here are some tax reforms you will need to learn about […]

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