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Travel The UK Without Spending More Than You Need To!

Saving Money While Travelling in the UK

How do you save money while travelling in the UK? There are perks to overpaying income tax are that you’ll likely receive a UK tax refund that you can use to fund your travel to other destinations. Think of it as an excuse to take a break and experience the country as much as possible.

But how do you stretch your tax refund to the fullest? This article shows you how.

UK tax return to travel

Sign Up for Updates on Great Deals

Hot UK Deals, Groupon,, and the like is your ticket to snagging a great deal off your train fare, dining cost, and accommodation expenses. So make sure to sign up for them to travel on the cheap.

Book Waaay in advance and off season

Whether airline or train fare, you get a cheaper deal if you book well ahead of your travel date. The same is true with your accommodation. And if you travel during the low-peak or shoulder season, all your travel needs are cheaper too.

plan your UK travel

Get your transportation needs in order

If you plan to travel by train a lot, which is the most efficient way to go around the UK, get a BritRail card. Get your bus passes too and book ahead. You should also take advantage of BlaBlaCar and share a ride for a cheaper fare.

And where possible, walk. You won’t pay anything if you do.

Skip the Hhtels and opt for…

Chain hotels, YHAs, Air BnBs, guest houses, university accommodation, caravans, and free camping areas. You get to save money on accommodation costs if you choose these options instead.

Pay your way wisely or none at all

pound Stirling coins

Visit free attractions so you don’t need to shell out a penny. Use an English Heritage Pass or a Historic Scotland Explorer Pass if you want to visit UK historical sites and ancient sites and museums in Scotland, respectively. Both are a lot cheaper. It is also recommended that you first check out online prices that may be cheaper than offline ones. Whoever said you can’t save money while travelling UK destinations was too lazy to research cheaper options. But you know better!

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