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Self-assessment Deadline for Tax Year 2018-19

When is the Self-assessment Deadline for Tax Year 2018-19

2019 UK Tax Filing Deadline for Tax Year Ending 5th April 2019

Midnight of 31st January 2020 is your deadline for filing your online self-assessment tax return. While this is the general 2019 UK tax filing deadline, we’ve listed below all applicable tax deadlines falling in between the 31st January 2020 cut –off date. Not all criteria will be applicable to you but we find that our clients benefit by staying up-dated on all applicable UK tax return deadlines in the event personal situations change.

31st July 2019 – Self-Assessment Deadline for Tax Year 2018/19

This deadline is for making your second instalment to HMRC for payment on account. The rule is not applicable to individuals who were self-employed between the 2017/18 tax year or to individuals owing a tax of GBP 1000 at the time of submitting tax returns for the period. It’s not really confusing but for further clarifications, you can discuss the matter with a tax consultant at Taxback.

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5th October 2019 Deadline

This deadline for informing HMRC you’re a self-employed tax payer; thus keeping them informed that you have to submit a tax return the following year. However, if you’ve already got yourself registered with HMRC as ‘self-employed’ it is not necessary to follow this deadline protocol.

31st October 2019 Deadline

Self-employed UK tax payers submitting a paper tax return (not online) must meet this deadline. The option is still available, although, we encourage clients to opt for online tax filing in the UK as the easier and more efficient method; you can always enlist our services to tackle any online tax filing complications. Plus, paper filing may soon be redundant once the Government proceeds with their ‘Making Tax Digital’ plan.

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30th December 2019 UK Tax Return Deadline

File your online tax returns by this date, if you want your tax to be deducted through PAYE using your individual tax code. This option is applicable provided you earn an income that’s already under the PAYE income tax system; in most cases this means you’re employed in addition to being self-employed or your self-assessment tax for the 2018/19 comes to less than £ 3,000.

If all this sounds rather confusing, why don’t you contact our friendly UK tax consultants for a quick assessment? With our help you won’t over pay tax, will avoid late filing penalties and reap the best benefits for your UK income tax.

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