5 Reasons why Aussies are still loving working in London 

Working in London

Living and working in London is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. London is as vibrant, diverse and downright brilliant as it’s always been. Don’t be put off by stories of high rents and rip off prices; London is still the number one choice for Aussies when it comes to finding […]

Top Tips to Consider when Moving to and Working in the UK

working in the uk

Top tips to consider when moving to and working in the UK. Moving and working in the UK definitely has some perks. What you need to do when moving to and working in the UK is just a start. A change of employment is more challenging than a change of address, what with the UK tax […]

Applying for a National Insurance Number: Internationals Working in the UK

Watching your money

A national insurance number serves as your own personal account number. This ensures that the UK tax and national insurance contributions you pay are properly recorded. It also serves as a reference number for your social security system. A national insurance number is unique to you and will be the same all your life, even […]

A UK Working Holiday Guide

A UK Working Holiday Guide

UK Working Holiday: Guide For Australian & Kiwi Travellers Youth Mobility Scheme Australia, being one of the countries that have a special reciprocal agreement with the UK, enables its passport holders to apply for the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme, previously known as the UK Working Holiday Visa programme. This allows young people from Australia […]

Tips For Kiwis In The UK Looking For Work

Top Job Sites For Kiwis Looking For Temp Work In The UK Are you looking for temporary work in the UK? You would be glad to know that there are many job sites that you can use, which will make your hunt easier and more convenient. There are specific temporary jobs, however, where you need […]

Curling Comes to London

Claim tax back from Canada

Are you currently on a working holiday in London? Well you can expect it to be just about as cosmopolitan as cities come. Especially Canada’s national sport of curling becoming the new winter fixture at QUEENS. Claim tax back from Canada Everything you need to know about claiming back tax from Canada The famous Olympic […]

Aussie and Kiwi Meet Ups in September

Aussie and Kiwi Meet Ups in September

  The good folk over at Aussies in London and Kiwis in London are here to help you squeeze out the very best of the last days of summer with these antipodean themed events. Claiming tax back from Australia  Working Holiday guide for Australians and Kiwis Tax advice for Australians working in the UK  September […]

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