What Jobs Come With Accommodation in the UK

  There are plenty of opportunities to earn money and save on living costs by seeking out jobs that also provide you with accommodation. This is a sure fire way of saving money while you earn, with the added bonus that your commute will never be more than a few minutes. Live and work on […]

6 Helpful Websites for Planning Your UK Working Holiday

Are you planning to go on a UK working holiday? You’re going to need all the help you can get, especially with regards to visa application and required documents. Depending on your home country, obtaining a working holiday visa may be easy – or not. The good news is there are plenty of online resources […]

Popular Jobs for Working Holiday Makers in the UK

student tax refunds

  A working holiday is a great way to see a new country on a budget and offers the perfect way to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. By working side by side with the Brits you’ll not only subsidise your working holiday and generate some welcome spending money, you’ll also get a real […]

UK’s Best Beaches To Visit This Summer On Your Working Holiday

claim a tax refund when leaving UK

  On a working holiday in the UK? Well make the most of your time here by exploring the UK’s best beaches this summer. Getting away from the towns and cities and heading to the coast is something that you have to try when you spend some time in the UK. As an island nation […]

Tax Tips for Kiwis in the UK

tax tips for Kiwis in the UK

  The UK makes for an attractive option for New Zealanders wanting to take a working holiday. Here we take a look at a few tax tips for Kiwis in the UK. When working in the UK you are legally obliged to abide by all applicable UK tax regulations. The first step upon arrival is […]

Top Job Sites for New Arrivals in the UK

UK Tax Refund

  Heading to the UK on a working holiday? We take a look at the best job sites for working holiday makers to check out ahead of their arrival in the UK. Related Articles: Paid too much on your working holiday in the UK? Best temping agencies for Working Holiday makers in the UK PAYE […]

Working Out UK Tax for Working Holiday Makers

Tax For Working Holiday Makers In The UK Working Holiday Makers get the best of both worlds – they get to explore the UK and earn money at the same time. If only at the end of it all you could go home without a hitch, right? Well there’s a few things to consider if […]

Working Holiday Maker Jobs in the UK

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay With any working holiday comes the blend of (yep, you got it) working and holidaying! Working during your travels is a great way to make friends and immerse yourself in the culture all whilst funding your adventures. Here, we take a look at some great working holiday maker jobs in […]

UK Working Holiday Guide For Australians And Kiwis

Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay The UK is one of the top working holiday destinations for Australians and Kiwis for many reasons. There are excellent work opportunities, people to meet, cities to explore, trips to take and a great lifestyle to be had, but to really enjoy all there is on offer, you want to […]

Tax Advice For Australians Working In The UK

As an Australian working in the UK, you are obliged to comply with the UK tax requirements. This is why you must obtain a National Insurance number upon your arrival, as this is a requirement for tax purposes. This is the equivalent of an Australian Tax File Number. The tax  rules in Australia are different […]

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