Have you applied for your Australian Tax Rebate?

​Have you been on a working holiday in Australia (417 Visa), 457 Visa Sponsorship, TSS visa or other employment in Australia? You could be owed a considerable refund from your time working in Australia. Don’t leave your tax behind in Oz, file your Australian tax rebate/tax refund application form and get the ball rolling.

Australian Tax Return Form

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  • *Lodge your tax return in 1-2 business days
    *No upfront fee, the services fee is deducted from your tax refund
    *We will charge a flat fee of $100 AUD
    *Free follow-up if your tax return delayed or audited by ATO
  • This will be a 9 number XXXXXXXXX
  • Working Holiday, Student, Sponsored, Skilled, TSS
  • Autralian bank detail: BSB & A/C No. & A/C Name Overseas bank detail: Swift code & account number & account number

Step by step guide to making an Australian tax claim with Taxback.

Australian Tax Refund FAQ – Backpacker Tax – Working Holiday Tax – Permanent Resident Refunds

  • Fast Australian tax refunds
  • Australian Registered Tax Agents and tax return
  • Member of a professional association for taxback
  • Over 16 years experience in tax returns

We are specialists in Australian tax refunds for anyone who has worked in Australia. Whether you are on a working holiday visa, traveller, backpacker or a resident of Australia.

With our proven “Tax Back System” we can get you more tax back, quicker. Developed over 16 years it solves the single biggest complaints about tax back companies.

As Registered Tax Agents , our service and reputation is second to none. We have assisted thousands of clients and travellers since 1995 and have provided them the maximum tax refund in the shortest time. and tax returns.

Word of caution if you are “shopping around”, any business can set-up a webpage and prepare tax returns… but, will they send you the money? or your tax return?

We are also members of National Tax & Accountants’ Association (NTAA) and operate a trust bank account (escrow account) where all tax refunds are deposited. This bank account is checked and verified. In addition we are fully insured! We get tax back.

Why risk your tax refund money with just anyone. Under our “no refund no fee” policy there is no risk to you.

No upfront payment. We will take out the low fee once we have secured you refund.  Lost your paper work?  Don’t worry, our “document recovery team” will contact your employer on your behalf and retrieve all the necessary documents.We operate on a “No Refund-No Fee” basis.  If you are not entitled to a tax refund we do not charge a fee.  Your refund can be deposited into any bank account in any country or we can post a cheque, you can’t go wrong!! Did it yourself and received no money?   We can correct the problem and get your money back. With our “no refund no fee” policy there is no risk to you. It isfree to find out if there is more money.

If you are leaving Australia, we can get your tax back now and have it deposited into your bank account before you depart Australia.

Working to the very last day? Let our office organise the paperwork before you finish work. We will collect the paperwork from you employer and organise your tax back and super refund. We also specialise in clients not in Australia. Plus we give the best refunds, have the easiest documents and the cheapest prices.

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